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Despite the fact that slots attract the biggest number of online casino players, it is very often agreed that the real players are found at the table games section. The term table game is used to distinguish games such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat that are played on a table from other casino game such as video slot machine.
If you want to experience the excitement and satisfaction that online casinos offer from the comfort of your home, we suggest you continue reading this guide. Table games are undoubtedly what keep players returning to play online. As the industry continues to develop, players find themselves exposed to a number of different online games and gambling choices. All casinos try to offer the latest and most advanced variants of table games but one thing for sure is that they all have the basics covered.

What shall I play table games or slots?

Well, this is one of the questions that we cannot answer for you. What you play is entirely up to you but we don’t like comparing table games to slots. These are completely different styles of games and offer different experiences to players.
One of the advantages of playing table games is that the House Edge is much lover for table games when it is compared to video slots. The good news is that you are more likely to win on a table game. Believe us, mathematicians support us on this. Whenever you play at table game, the odds are on your side. Another reason why real casino players opt for table games is because they have power over the result of the game. The outcome is solely dependent on your choices and skills so the satisfaction of winning is greater. If you have a lot of time on your hands a table game will help you play for a longer period of time with the same money. Slots are quick and can drain your budget very fast.

Different types of table games

Play online Roulette: It continues to be one of the simplest and most sought after games in online casinos due to the fact that the rules are very easy to understand. Roulette offers multiple ways for a player to bet. A roulette wheel has either 37 or 38 numbered divisions, which are coloured alternatively red or black. Bets are placed on where the ball will land and can be made in a variety of different ways for example on single numbers, colours, combinations or even numbers.

Play online Blackjack

This is one of the most popular games offered by online casinos presently. The main aim is to get a hand that adds up to 21 or else to obtain 21 than the dealer. This is one of those games that require a lot of skills that help beat the dealer and win big. If you are determined to become the king of online black jack then put your math geek hat on and start having some serious fun.

Play online Craps

One of us is a huge Craps player and promised us that as soon as he has some time he will write a detailed guide about playing craps online together with some exciting tips. But for now let us give you a brief introduction about Craps. This involves wagering the outcome when a pair of dice is thrown. It is entirely up to the player if s/he wants to bet with or against the shooter and whether to roll a particular number before or after they roll 7. In addition, players can also make separate bets on the result of any roll on the dice.

Play online Baccarat

Even though it is known to be a bit more complex than the rest of the table games it is actually straight forward and very entertaining game. In baccarat the player bets on which hand will get an equal value to or closest to 9. The bets can be played in the bankers hand, the players hand or else a combination between the two.
Our aim is that all players enjoy themselves in a safe and secure environment. Choose one of the casinos on our list and we can guarantee an exhilarating gaming experience. All casinos on our list make use of the most advanced technology to ensure that the user data is safe and the games are fair. Have fun, play responsible and may luck be on your side!

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