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Keno is very popular in both offline and online casinos. We believe that the game is best played online since these offer much better maximum payouts when compared to land- based casinos. Playing Keno is super fun and easy. In fact Keno is considered to be one of the simplest online casino games.

History of Keno

The history of Keno goes back a long time. It originated back thousands of years; in fact it is one of the oldest gambling games. Although ‘Keno’ has a name with Latin or French roots, the game has its roots in China during the Han Dynasty 3000 years ago. In the beginning the game was very different than the way we know it today.
The object of the game of Keno is to guess which Keno numbers will be drawn by the computer. A lot of people compare it to lottery however, this faster and played more frequently. Online Keno is a great game for all those people who would like to try something easy and entertaining.

As already mentioned Keno is very similar to the lottery. In Keno all you have to do is pick several number on a ticket and hope the match to the ones on the computer. If you want to play online without risking too much, Keno is the ideal game for you. It is a game of pure luck, no skills required!

How to play Keno

It is easy to learn and play, with no strategy and reasoning involved. The first step in playing Keno is to decide on the amount you want to wager by increasing or decreasing your coin size. Once you decide, the next step is to select your Keno numbers. The average Keno board has 80 numbers. Depending on the variant you opt for, you may select anywhere from one to fifteen number. The numbers chosen will be highlighted on the Keno board as they are drawn.

Keno strategies

Despite being a game of luck, there are various strategic ways of playing them. These are some keno strategy tips that can improve your chances of winning

  • Find a casino with the best maximum payout
  • Play for free to familiarise yourself before playing for money
  • Limit the amount of numbers you pick
  • Choose your luck numbers and stick by them
  • Go for numbers that haven’t come out in a while

Winning at Keno depends a lot on how many numbers you selected and how many hits you achieved. The payout schedule is always displayed prominently on your screen, so you don’t have to worry about it.

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