Best Interac casinos in Canada 2020

Online casinos in Canada ยป Best Interac casinos in Canada 2020

Interac one of Canadas favorite payment methods as it’s easy to use, fast and reliable. How Interac works is basically that you send money from your bank account to a 3rd party or to another person. It’s one of the most popular payment methods for playing online casinos in Canada as well. There are two different methods of Interac, Interac E-transfer and Interac Online which works in a similar way.

Why use Interac as a payment method?

  • Interac is really fast, your transfers are withdrawn immediately
  • You know what you pay and get no surprise bills
  • One of fastest and most reliable casino payment methods in Canada
Best Interac casinos
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How Does Interac Work?

Interac works very similar on each bank, you usually just have to choose the amount of money you want to send, enter the email and confirm the security questions and the transfer is done. It works similar at online casinos where you choose your bank

How to use Interac Online

  1. Go to the Wallet of your favourite online casino in Canada
  2. Choose Interac Online as payment method
  3. Choose the amount that you want to deposit
  4. A new window will open where you enter your details and a success message will follow.
  5. Close the window and your fund should be in the account right away.

How to use Interac E-transfer

  1. Go to the casino Wallet and choose Interac E-transfer
  2. Choose the deposit amount and select E-transfer
  3. Enter the details
  4. Go to your online banking solution and log in, select to make to make transfer by email or E-transfer.
  5. And a new payee with the details the casino provided.
  6. Make sure you put in the correct details and accountID in the message field.
  7. Return to casino and verify that you got the money to the account.

Which banks support Interac in Canada

There are a lot of banks that support Interac, some of the banks accepting Interac Online are Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, RBC, Tangerine, TD Canada Trust, and President’s Choice Financial. When it comes to Interac E-transfer most major banks and credit unions should accept Interac E-transfer payments.

Interac Quick deposits

One of the main reasons why Interac is so popular is mainly because it’s so easy to use and very fast to send money. You can easily send money to anyone in less than 10 minutes. This gives an advantage compared to many other payment methods and it’s also why Canadian players usually prefer to user Interac. It’s a recommended method to use if you want quick deposits and a reliable method.

If you don’t have Interac then you can read more about other payment methods here!

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